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Reheal is based in Helsinki, Finland and is in collaboration with over 10 researchers and scientists from recognized research institutes and universities residing in 3 continents. We want to revolutionize health. Let’s stand up together to make the difference because every human is priceless.

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Phone: +358-46-847-23-23
Address: Kaunispäävägen 5, 00970 Helsinki, Finland

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Hiv Reheal

HIV in a nutshell

Human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, can target human and cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDs) in the advanced stage. In this disease, the progressive of weakened immune system have been created some opportunities for life-threatening diseases like infectious diseases and cancers to…

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Genficz Hiv


GENFICZ is a novel technique of gene editing that highly specified for HIV-1 virus. In this technique, two strategies are following up, firstly the elimination integrated genome of HIV in human cells in vivo, and secondly, create the HIV-resistant cells…

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