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Reheal is based in Helsinki, Finland and is in collaboration with over 10 researchers and scientists from recognized research institutes and universities residing in 3 continents. We want to revolutionize health. Let’s stand up together to make the difference because every human is priceless.

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GENFICZ is a novel technique of gene editing that highly specified for HIV-1 virus. In this technique, two strategies are following up, firstly the elimination integrated genome of HIV in human cells in vivo, and secondly, create the HIV-resistant cells that HIV cannot enter these cells anymore. GENFICZ consists of different stages including GENRAPS, GENRECK and GENCIPZ. Different molecular and genetic methods will be done at each stage to specify our drug for interaction in the human body. Different in vitro and in vivo phases will be done to determine the mechanism, toxic profile and effective dose of the drug.

In the first two stages, we will try to design the drug to edit some certain genes in contaminated human cells that prevents the entrance of new viruses to human cells. In later stage, the drug will eliminate the pathogenesis part of integrated genome of HIV-1 in the human genome.

You can download our brochure by clicking the download button to get to know more with the GENFICZ project:


Image Credits: Dtafalonso.

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