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HIV in Asia and Pacific (part 2)

Late diagnosis is a very important concern about HIV in Asia and the Pacific. In 2016, approximately 1.47 millionpeople living with HIV did not know their status. HIV testing is one of the fundamental points in the region that should be considered as one of the top priorities in these societies. However, stigma and discrimination still exist as one of the barriers toward individuals accessing testing service. Fortunately, HIV testing and counselling services has developed by UNAIDS and the WHO across in the region. In 2017, 2.7 million people living with HIV in the region were under HIV treatment and the viral load in 45% of patients were suppressed.

Different countries in Asia and Pacific have progressed in the aspect of HIV treatment. However, HIV services and treatment still need to be expanded for meeting the 90-90-90 target by 2020. This means diagnosing 980,000 new cases and starting antiretroviral treatment for an additional 1.7 million people in the next five years. Some countries like Pakistan still have problem to provide antiretroviral treatment. In 2016, only 5.9% of people living with this disease in Pakistan received treatment. Also, Asia and Pacific have succeeded in reducing new HIV infection with estimated 13% decrease during 2010-2016. Regarding the HIV prevention, the prevention of mother to child transmission has significantly scaled-up in these areas. A decline of 30% of new infection among children was observed during 2009-2015 in the region.


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