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Reheal is based in Helsinki, Finland and is in collaboration with over 10 researchers and scientists from recognized research institutes and universities residing in 3 continents. We want to revolutionize health. Let’s stand up together to make the difference because every human is priceless.

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Phone: +358-46-847-23-23
Address: Kaunispäävägen 5, 00970 Helsinki, Finland

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Project manager of this project: Raimo Pohjanvirta
Marine environment provides countless and diverse resource for new drugs to fight with cancers. Qancel is exploring the ocean for novel anticancer drugs especially for hepatocellular carcinoma. This project is focusing on the different types toxins derived from marine animals and their anticancer effects.

We have started this project as a pilot and got very interesting results. Now, we are determined to continue our work and expand the project to use the capacity of sea creatures in Finnish waters for anticancer drug development.

You can download our brochure by clicking the download button to get to know more with the Qancel project:

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Image Credits: Dtafalonso.

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